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I am joining Facebook Research!

Starting October 2014 I will be joining the research team at Facebook.

The Spatial Self: New Article on New Media and Society

A new article by the awesome Germaine Halegoua and me was just published on New Media & Society. Here is the abstract:

As a growing number of social media platforms now include location information from their users, researchers are confronted with new online representations of individuals, social networks, and the places they inhabit. To better understand these representations and their implications, we introduce the concept of the “spatial self”: a theoretical framework encapsulating the process of online self-presentation based on the display of offline physical activities. Building on previous studies in social science, humanities, and computer and information science, we analyze the ways offline experiences are harnessed and performed online. We first provide an encompassing interdisciplinary survey of research that investigates the relationships between location, information technology, and identity performance. Then, we identify and characterize the spatial self as well as examine its occurrences through three case studies of popular social media sites: Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare. Finally, we offer possible research directions and methodological considerations for the analysis of geocoded social media data.


Big News! The Magic grant from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation!

My team was awarded the Magic grant from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation! Looking forward to an exciting year with my awesome group of people from Rutgers and The Columbia Journalism school. More here:

CFP When the City Meets the Citizens Workshop at ICWSM 2013

A bunch of great people (and me) are organizing a workshop at the upcoming ICWSM conference. If you are interested in cities and social media, make sure you submit your work! :)

Here is the CFP:

The 2nd When the City Meets the Citizens Workshop:

Big Data and the Study of the Urban Habitat

Boston, July 11th 2013 (WCMCW)

In conjunction with the International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM)

Big News! I am joining the Social Media Information Lab at Rutgers University

I am super excited to announce that I will be joining Mor Naaman‘s team of researchers in the Social Media Information Lab at Rutgers University for a Post-Doc position this year.

I have been following the awesome research they have been doing there for some time now and after meeting the people in person I can full heartedly say I couldn’t have asked for a better place to continue my research in the study of Social Media and Cities.

I am so lucky to join this fabulous group of talented researchers and I can already see this year is going to be absolutely amazing!