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The *New* Image of the City

Just came across an article by Christine McLaren about the democratization of mapmaking and its possible implications for local social interactions. Great read and right up my alley.

prettymaps by Aaron Straup Cope

Doing social science and studying maps are some of my favorite things. When you combine these two like Aaron Straup Cope (@thisisaaronland) is doing, it is not surprising I get really excited. Using Road, highway and path data collected by the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project, Aaron creates beutiful representations of cities that provide a small glimpse to the different factors that shape our cities. The cool thing? you can get one for yourself in a nice wooden frame here: www.20×

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi by the YOUrban Project

Light painting WiFi into the city. So cool!

DeHood – The Neighborhood Strikes Back

Earlier Today I read on RWW about DeHood, a new location based social application that is trying to change the way we interact with our neighbors.

DeHood was the idea of Babak Hedayati, a former founder and employee of several start-ups, that decided to create “a social networking company for the good of local community.” According to his statement on the about section of DeHood website, his motivation to create the application started when he was on the road away from home and missed his friends, family and the places where he loved meeting them. This has led him to develop an application that help him and his friends keep in touch and socialize more often. As Hedayati puts it:

The more I focused on what was going on in my local area, the more I realized that my neighbors were focused on similar things – whether it be trying to organize a street party or a pot luck, or an informal email list that had been started to tip people off about reported crimes or suspicious activities – I decided to build something to facilitate such activities and bring together all these efforts and energies and help focus them in one place. Initially, the goal was to make the neighborhood safer, cleaner, greener, and overall a better experience for all.

So I decided to give it a go and although I knew it was only the first day since the launch of the app and I will probably be among the first users, I still was curious to see what are the options that this new application has to offer to local interactions in neighborhoods. Read more →