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Category: In the News

  • Joining Oculus!

    I am excited to announce I joined the Oculus Experience Research in London as a Research Lead. My research will support the development of the next computing platform and more specifically social interactions in immersive VR. If you have followed the latest developers conference you might have seen two of the projects I have had a […]

  • Big News! I am joining the Social Media Information Lab at Rutgers University

    I am super excited to announce that I will be joining Mor Naaman‘s team of researchers in the Social Media Information Lab at Rutgers University for a Post-Doc position this year. I have been following the awesome research they have been doing there for some time now and after meeting the people in person I […]

  • In the Name of Software Morality

    Twitterville, the blogosphere, and many tech news outlets were gushing this week after a Cult of Mac write up regarding an iPhone app with the quite literal name “Girls Around Me“. This app that was introduced to Apple’s app store not long ago was quickly removed after a press backlash. At first glance, this app does […]

  • The *New* Image of the City

    Just came across an article by Christine McLaren about the democratization of mapmaking and its possible implications for local social interactions. Great read and right up my alley.

  • Mid Term Elections Meet Location Based Services

    The US mid term elections are already over. Now, when almost all media attention is gone, I think it is a good time to review the role taken by location based services in this round of elections. Since LBSs were only at their very early phase of deployment during the last elections, it is interesting […]

  • Checked for STD? there’s a badge for that.

    MTV teamed up with Foursquare and launched today a new campaign calling their viewers/users to “check in” at an health clinic for sexually transmitted diseases tests and get a special badge on Foursquare. The idea is to change the way people feel toward this sensitive issue and remove the stigma attached to it. Stephen Friedman from MTV said he expects […]