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Checked for STD? there’s a badge for that.

GYT badge on FoursquareMTV teamed up with Foursquare and launched today a new campaign calling their viewers/users to “check in” at an health clinic for sexually transmitted diseases tests and get a special badge on Foursquare. The idea is to change the way people feel toward this sensitive issue and remove the stigma attached to it.

Stephen Friedman from MTV said he expects that once some people will get the badge, they will show it to their friends and they might too try and get it. “It only takes a few to get the ball rolling” he said. And by the way Foursquare users play, he might be right. Read more →

How Facebook Places will bring location based services to the mainstream

It has been a week since Facebook announced the launch of their new service, Places. In a nut shell, Places brings the integration of location into our Facebook accounts and displays a Check-In notice on our wall, just like a status message. The service has launched gradually throughout the days and now more and more users can use this new functionality on their smartphone.

This new service wasn’t a surprise to people that deal (work, fund or research) social networks since the word about its development  was around for quite a while now. Nonetheless, the press conference that was held received a vast coverage both in US and international media. Many people, especially tech-savvy users, downloaded the new application with the built in location check in function and started using it. It didn’t took long for notes to appear on blogs and forums saying that there is nothing there. Read more →