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Visualizing Instagram at the ICWSM Social Media Visualization Workshop

I’m super excited about presenting our Instagram visualization paper at the upcoming ICWSM conference in Dublin.  The program is already online and it looks great:

The Livehoods Project

We are getting ready to launch our research project website and I’m very excited about it! In the meantime, you are invited to join our mailing list on the Livehoods website to get news as soon as it goes live.

The *New* Image of the City

Just came across an article by Christine McLaren about the democratization of mapmaking and its possible implications for local social interactions. Great read and right up my alley.

prettymaps by Aaron Straup Cope

Doing social science and studying maps are some of my favorite things. When you combine these two like Aaron Straup Cope (@thisisaaronland) is doing, it is not surprising I get really excited. Using Road, highway and path data collected by the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project, Aaron creates beutiful representations of cities that provide a small glimpse to the different factors that shape our cities. The cool thing? you can get one for yourself in a nice wooden frame here: www.20×

Twitter Vis of a City

visualization of geo-tagged tweets by Eric Fischer. Not sure about creating “Smarter Transit Routes” though since these arteries are already shaped by public transit but all in all – a very nice project.