Raz Schwartz Ph.D.

Senior Insights Manager
Innovation Product Area Lead @ Spotify

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  • 4 Myths about Tactical Research

    Splitting up user research work between “tactical” and “strategic” creates an artificial boundary that takes away from the potential impact of the work. In practice, tactical research is more powerful than we researchers give it credit for! On the Spotify Insights team, we believe that researchers need strong communication skills in order to influence the […]

  • Joining Spotify 👩‍🎤

    I am super excited to share I have accepted a new role at Spotify leading a group of insights researchers (data science and user research) to explore the future of Spotify Premium! I had an amazing ride at Facebook over the last six years and I am looking forward to my new adventure at Spotify!

  • Harassment in Social VR: Implications for Design

    Happy to share this work that was just published as part of IEEEVR 2019. Here is the abstract: We interviewed VR users (n=25) about their experiences with harassment, abuse, and discomfort in social VR. We find that users’ definitions of ‘online harassment’ are subjective and highly personal, making it difficult to govern social spaces at […]

  • The Immersive VR Self

    Very happy to share this paper written together with Will Steptoe. This paper will appear in “A Networked Self and Human Augmentics, AI, Sentience” but is already available here: https://research.fb.com/publications/the-immersive-vr-self-performance-embodiment-and-presence-in-immersive-virtual-reality-environments/ Abstract: Virtual avatars are a common way to present oneself in online social interactions. From cartoonish emoticons to hyper-realistic humanoids, these online representations help us […]

  • Our Research at IEEE VR

    Very happy to announce my joint work with Ketaki Shriram was accepted to be presented at IEEE VR 2017.  Here is the title and abstract: All Are Welcome: Using VR Ethnography to Explore Harassment Prevention in Immersive Social Virtual Reality The growing ubiquity of VR headsets has given rise to questions around harassment in social virtual reality. […]

  • Joining Oculus!

    I am excited to announce I joined the Oculus Experience Research in London as a Research Lead. My research will support the development of the next computing platform and more specifically social interactions in immersive VR. If you have followed the latest developers conference you might have seen two of the projects I have had a […]